क्रमांक पुरस्कारों/सम्मानों का शीर्षक अधिकारी का नाम और पदनाम Unit/Division प्रकाशन की तिथि चित्र

"ऑफ़लाइन आंशिक डिस्चार्ज डायग्नोसिस ऑफ़ इलेक्ट्रिकल मशीन इंसुलेशन सिस्टम - केस स्टडीज़" शीर्षक वाले तकनीकी पेपर के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ पेपर पुरस्कार प्राप्त हुआ - इलेक्ट्रिकल और इलेक्ट्रॉनिक इंसुलेटिंग सामग्री सिस्टम एमएस पर 11वां अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन। INSULEC 2024 सम्मेलन। श्री द्वारा लिखित पेपर. रजत शर्मा, श्री. दिलीप कुमार पुहान, श्रीमती। मीना के पी

श्री. दिलीप कुमार पुहान, ईओ4 सीडीडी, सीपीआरआई - बेंगलुरु 1 फरवरी 2024

Certificate of appreciation form Ministry of Power for commendable performace - Swatchatha Pakhwada 2023 

Shri B A Sawale, DG, CPRI CPRI 18th july 2023

Recognised with IEC 1906 award 2023 for his expert contribution in IEC T13 committee.

Shri B A Sawale, DG, CPRI CPRI 4th July 2023

Shri. Jeykishan Kumar K, Engineering Officer Grade 2, CPRI, Bengaluru received “Global Distinguished Young Scientists Awards” for outstanding contribution to Research, on the occasion of IEEE IAS Global Conference on Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Technologies (GlobConHT – 2023) held at The Maldives National University, Male City, Maldives on 11th & 12th March 2023.

Shri. Jeykishan Kumar K, Engineering Officer Grade 2. CPRI, Bengaluru 11th & 12th March 2023.

2nd Best Paper Award for the paper titled “A Study on the Performance of High Emissivity Coating on Refractories for Energy Savings Application”

Dr. M G Anandakumar, Joint Director Training Division, CPRI, Bengaluru 7th to 9th February 2020

Ph.D. Award on the topic   “Development of  Alternate Eco-Friendly Insulating Liquids using Natural  Esters and Synthetic Esters”,  by University of Mysore

Ms. Ann Pamla Cruze, Engineering Officer Gr.3 DMD,CPRI, Bengaluru 27th November 2019

TOLIC RAJ BHASHA SHIELD - FIRST under the TOLIC Shield Scheme for its outstanding performance in the implementation of Progressive use of Official Language during the year 2017-18

Shri B. Sridhar, Chief Administrative Officer CPRI, Bengaluru 4th January 2019

TOLIC RAJ BHASHA Certificate for her commendable contributions in getting First Prize to CPRI for the year 2017-18

Smt. L.N. Vidya, Sr. Hindi Translator CPRI, Bengaluru 4th January 2019

Best paper award (3rd Prize) paper titled “CPRI experience on Internal arc testing of Current Transformers and its failure analysis”in TECH-IT 2018 Conference

Shri Rajarama mohanarao Chennu, Engineering Officer Gr-3 High Power Lab, CPRI, Bengaluru 13th & 14th December 2018

Best oral paper award (First) for the technical paper titled “Performance test on 1200kV, AC voltage measuring system of CPRI, UHVRL, Hyderabadin National Conference on Electrical and Electronics Measurements (NCEEM-2018)

Dr. P Rajamani, Engineering Officer Gr.3 UHVRL-CPRI, Hyderabad 19th& 20th September 2018